Bridal Shower

Evening spa just for girls

We organize lunches or dinners hen combining a relaxing spa session group for girls. Booked 2 hour tour exclusively for your bachelorette party where no one else can access the facilities. You can combine spa session with massages, manicures, hair or other treatment. After the spa session, Aguas de Ibiza offers different menus to finish the morning or evening with your friends in one of our restaurants or if you prefer in a private room.

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Pool Parties

Diversión y estilo de vida

Nuestra terraza Vi Cool de la azotea ubicada en la 5ª planta del hotel constituye el enclave perfecto para celebrar cualquier tipo de evento, cóctel, cena o fiesta en Ibiza. Con capacidad para 400 personas, una piscina con unas vistas impresionantes sobre el Mar Mediterráneo y una decoración vibrante hacen que Vi Cool sea un espacio para eventos muy especial tanto de día como de noche..

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Brunch the day after the wedding

Reset forces and review stories

If you are the type that you would like your wedding does not end'll never propose a brunch the day after. This is a relaxed, non-alcoholic and nutritious to recuperate after a long night food event. Also, if some of your guests have to travel, surely appreciate this farewell. We have a lot of options for you to configure a brunch for you.

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