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Aguas de Ibiza is much more than a hotel. Aguas de Ibiza is also fashion, and that is why among the facilities there are two boutiques of renowned local designers that represent the purest essence of Ibiza island.

Charo Ruiz
Established in Ibiza in 1980, the designer Charo Ruiz presents an original Ibizan and handmade fashion. The whole process of creation, the conception of the collections, the samples, the patterns, the cutting and sewing is accomplished in Ibiza, with special interest to help the local economy, giving work to the residents and avoiding the production in foreign places which results in a better quality control of the production. The team of Aguas de Ibiza is proud to wear clothes of her collection.

Campos de Ibiza
Campos de Ibiza represents like anybody the essence of this island. Their products reinvent the classics. Made in Ibiza, they are traditional and elegant, with a cosmopolitan, contemporary and luxurious twist. When authenticity meets sophistication... Inspired by the Mediterranean nature, this exclusive collection of products represents the highest quality of hand crafted production, made from the finest raw materials and finished with an exquisite refinement.


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